Mz haze


You need to be punished.

Who better to punish you than the hottest, most scathing seductress on the planet? 

No games. Your pain is my pleasure. Experience punishment like you've never felt it before. Mental & physical domination offered in a variety of styles.

I create for you the taboo fulfillment you seek; filled with euphoria, shame, and most importantly - the escape from the weight of all your most terrible secrets. I'm extremely talented at striking the right tones, and I'm physically coordinated enough to maintain control throughout the session. And I'm tickled to be able to bring you the pain you've been searching for.

Each session comes with a standard carry-on bag filled with 55 tools, equipment & bondage accessories specific to your needs. A lot of which I designed and fabricated myself.

To schedule a session, please email me the city you're located in, along with your kinks/fetishes and known pain tolerances along with the date and time you're interested in. We have a lot to discuss. For immediate assistance, use the chat box... If you're sure you're ready, that is...

Sign up and become a site member and you'll get access to my schedule, to be able to book a session through simply signing in. You'll also get access to my personal content, new pictures before I add them to the site/advertisements, live weekly streaming of roleplays & verbal humiliation scenarios(whenever I feel tempted to flip the switch and GO LIVE), videos/GIF's and all things dirty enough to share with you. Don't wait, sign up now!


The fetish/kink focused sessions are designed to use your own rules and boundaries to overwhelm, confuse, distract and intensify your senses. Everything in my bag is used to test your body and distract your mind. While I decide how much control I want over you during the session. Obedience is expected. Punishment is expected. There's a wide range of options for this particular type of session. 

The physical domination sessions push your body to its limits by enduring my strength and conditioning techniques. I will test your body's pain tolerances, coordination and strength; or lack thereof. You'll find yourself tapping for submission quicker than you'd expect.

I can also offer a more physically challenging circuit training style domination session; where you participate as my punching bag. I'll begin strikes, kicks or knees to the body at 50% strength and watch you struggle to withstand each blow. We'll up the strength every couple minutes. It's focused on pain conditioning and isn't for the faint of hearts. The other physical sessions I offer are beatdowns. My background in MMA and boxing have prepared me to be able to offer an interrogation style beatdown session. They're my favorite. Punishment for hire.

Q & A

Do you accept every inquiry?

No, I have a process for filtering through every session request. I require as many details you can provide, then an interview is scheduled (call or in person). If your session is accepted, pricing is given during the interview and a retainer of $100 is required to book and confirm your time with me. I'm not accepting video sessions at this time. I prefer the hand to flesh experience. 

What do you prefer to smoke?

I'm a Drew Estate cigar fan. I'm quite fond of acid blondes and have always been favorable to Liga Privada cigars. Robust, but a wonderful taste that isn't too harsh, but just the right taste between my lips. I am 4/20 friendly, being a Colorado Native.

What other things do you dominate at?

Golf, volleyball, shooting guns, designing/fabricating all my weaponry and session devices. 

Do you just do in call?

I can do incall or outcall.

How perfect are your amazon dimensions?

34DD All Natural; 30" waist; 38" hips; Towering 6'3" with my sexy heels on; Size 8.5 shoes

Do you get naked?

No, I'm sexy enough with my clothes on. Any assumptions of nudity and/or anything sexual during our session will be met with swift CBT punishment. It's my body, not yours. You have no right to any of it. Survive your time with me and we'll see what I decide to do with you. 

Do you accept sessions that are not pain focused?

Yes, I interview every request. Even if it's not a specialty of mine. I'm known to enjoy tickling sessions ironically. And find myself adapting quite well to be able to deliver the domination in a variety of ways. So please submit a request and let's discuss your fantasy. I'm extremely versatile and confident in my abilities to deliver the session you've been seeking.

Do you travel?

I travel a lot within the states, spreading beautiful chaos and pain to my chosen prey. If you subscribe to be a member of my site, you'll get as much dirty access you can handle with just a few simple clicks. Plus booking access to schedule our time together. Join now.

Do you consult?

Yes, I am a BDSM RACK Practitioner that consults with psychologists, sex therapists, psychotherapists, doctors, insurance agencies, universities, colleges and film/production companies. Please send an outline of the project you're seeking to intensify or explore with my expertise.

Do you offer long distance servitude?

Yes, I have a lot serving me from all over. Submit a request and we can discuss your options to serve.

Do you require anything from me?

Just your $100 retainer and a liability waiver to accept my punishments before I am legally able to put my pretty hands on you. 

How much is a session?

Every session inquiry is unique based on frequency of meeting, length of time, location, boundaries, preferences and expenses of special requests. A phone interview is required to book and needed in order to clarify the date and pricing, prior to the session. Begin your session inquiry by sending me an email of your preferred type of domination, city you're in, fetishes, kinks and session details. I will then have a better understanding of what it will take to dominate you to my liking and can then provide an accurate price for our time together.

Leave me a message.
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